So unsure about Final Fantasy Type-0

I just can’t get into it. To the point where I might just sell it before I lose too much of what I paid for it. Final Fantasy XV on the other hand…is incredible and I love the demo.

This is a very short post just for a little update. I am in the middle of writing a review for Tales of Hearts R which I loved (massive Tales of Fan) but I just haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet. I hope it’s still fresh enough in my memory to end the review nicely.

I’ve done no games design / learning what so ever but I am slowly learning that it doesn’t matter. So long as I am enjoying myself I can play or do whatever I want.

Right now that usually consists of Final Fantasy XIV or Dying Light however I change games more often than the weather. I’d previously played World of Warcraft again for around 8 months but now I am sick of it again haha. Haven’t played it in months and my subscription just renewed for 6 months. SIGH. Have cancelled it now.

Anyways, that is all for now.

My Top 3 Anticipated games of 2015

We all have games we look forward to and even more a series that we love which is a day one purchase for every new entry.

When I was younger that series used to be Final Fantasy but these days it’s usually the Tales of series and Kingdom Hearts.

The first game I am looking forward to in 2015 more than anything is Final Fantasy XV! This game impressed me from the first moment I saw it 8 years ago. I thought how can the PS3 handle a game like that – low and behold it probably can’t hence the jump to Next-Gen.

I won’t say too much about each game as this is just a brief post on the games I am looking forward to most but FFXV is top of that list and if I could only pick one game to buy in the next 5 years it would be that!

Watch the new trailer below, just look at that Adamantoise!

Next up is Xenoblade Chronicles X, this game looks great but one thing that really puts me off is the silent protagonist and the fact the game feels a lot different to the first one. This could turn out to be good and bad but to me I loved the overall theme of the first game.

I’m not liking the look of some of the sci-fi bits of the second game and the cast, I really want it to continue on and keep Shulk and everyone in the game – but who knows maybe it might go that way. There is so little revealed about it that I will just have to wait and see. Check it out below:

In 3rd place is Kingdom Hearts 3, I am a massive fan of this series and it’s hard to actually place this third but I’ve seen more of the first two games than I have of KH3 so it’s a little harder to get excited about yet.

There is also no release date for the game but I predict it will be late 2015 or 2016 at the latest. That been said I included it as I think if Sqeenix don’t bring it to fans in 2015 people will be very disappointed as they have been waiting a very long time for it.

Anyway, check out the E3 trailer for it below:

Well that’s my top 3 list. what are yours?

I’ve been stuck in another world.

First up, and this is just a short post. I’ve been way too busy lately, well I say busy but that depends on the definition haha. I’ve done nothing but work and play games, I’ve played so much that I’ve not had time to write about them. I am so far behind with the amount of games I now have that it’s not even funny.

I promise soon I will write about games again, it might be in a different way too as there is something else I have done all this time – making a game!

A lot has happened but I’ve just not had time to blog about it yet, or rather I couldn’t help myself and I just kept playing. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve been able to do that with games and I’m almost ashamed to admit it but I am currently addicted to World of Warcraft again haha!

Such an old game but still so good. I’ve done nothing but played that for the past couple of months, until recently I have played it a bit less as Tales of Xillia 2 came out (I am a massive Tales of fan).

So stay tuned and I will try to write some articles soon. I might even rejig the site a bit and write in several ways, such as the normal game reviews but additionally I may write about game development and game guides, tips and tricks (mostly on how to make gold in WoW as I seem to of become obsessed with doing that!).

Anyways, I’m alive, to anyone reading this. Hi!

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Master Reboot Review

If Silent Hill and The Matrix had a baby, it would probably come out looking a little like Master Reboot: a first person cyber-horror adventure game, within which you explore a digital world of the dead called the Soul Cloud.

Heh. This sounds neat as all hell, right?

The Soul Cloud, you see, is a place where those who have passed still wonder. Their memories – and perhaps their consciousness? – have essentially been uploaded and stored there. The public can enter this Soul Cloud for themselves, as and when they want, to communicate with their lost loved ones. There is a suggested two million users doing this; visiting the Soul Cloud, chatting to whomever they will, and then blogging about it in the happily mundane kind of way that people talk about visiting their relatives and friends on, say, Facebook. It’s a very striking premise.

What’s more striking, though, is that Master Reboot turns out to be an almost phenomenally flat experience. It gingerly expresses ambition, and then shies away from it. It shows a great capacity for depth, but chooses not to search those depths, instead proving itself quite happy to paddle in the shallow end of its own possibilities. Do not expect a thoughtful exploration of people, of minds, of emotions; do not expect an exploration of what a human-constructed afterlife could actually mean for mankind. Really, do not expect too much at all, as all thought seems to have been used up on what is, admittedly, a strong and imaginative story foundation.

For what it’s worth, there is some fun to be had with Master Reboot. Between the constant, buzzing weirdness that the game exudes, the tasty musical ambiance that surrounds that weirdness, and the occasionally stimulating puzzle – my favourite was a perspective puzzle found in an art classroom, simple but joyful, reminiscent of  what you might stumble across in a survival horror game of old – there is, what seems to be, the makings of a good game.

But then, due to an over-reliance of different play styles and a vague inconsistency in how those play styles are used, there are a lot of negatives to be found in terms of game play. This takes away from those previously mentioned positives. You transition from axe wielding to platform navigating to pistol toting to car driving, to sneaking around amidst airplane seats, etc, etc, and none of these game play styles feel tight. That doesn’t leave a very good impression.

What’s more, the horror elements are only occasionally chilling, and those chills come fewer and further between as the game goes on. Repeated ‘scare noises’ and occasional ‘jump moments’ are delivered without promise, or even vague hint, of a threat. In short, the execution tends to be poor. This is problematic, because the line between horror and comedy is thin, and poor execution risks pushing scary set pieces over that very thin line.


Master Reboot has an intriguing premise and a strong atmosphere, and the fact that it supports the Welsh language is a sweet addition. But the ride, unfortunately, looks and sounds flashier than it is. In fact, by the time you get to the endgame confrontation: a tricky, timed platforming section, in outer space, you might just be left with the feeling that you’ve been duped into playing a bunch of mini-games, strung together by a story that, all in all, isn’t delivering anything. It’s good, then, that the game happens to be fairly cheap. It eases the regrets that you might feel about buying it, somewhat.

Fun Factor: 6. Some sections of the game are fun. Others are less so. Buy it, play it, and experience some enjoyment; but don’t expect a stellar experience.

Control: 8. I played the Wii U release. There was no touch screen interaction, which is a shame, but the game is certainly workable, regardless.

Game play: 5. Multiple game play styles make for variation, but it comes at the cost of quality. Inconsistent.

Graphics: 7. The art style is nice, and some scenes are ‘stop where you stand’ beautiful. But some areas feel generic, and there is sometimes a lack of detail.

Sound: 6-7. The music creates good ambience, and sets up the atmosphere well. A couple of tunes in particular stand out. A lot of them don’t, though.

Replayability: 5. There is an (underwhelming) alternate ending to be found, but considering how un-engaging, and weak, the story can be, and considering how inconsistent the game play is, it seems a big ask to play through the game again just for that.

Overall Score: 6/10.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD

How to Dodge Lightning Bolts in Final Fantasy X

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I have made a post here (I apologise, I’ve been playing far too much). Final Fantasy X is a game I loved when I was younger so I’ve done nothing but play this for the past month. I’m just doing some of the end game content now as I’ve never really done it before.

Anyways I just want to share this video from Kheapathic as I am having the most trouble with the Lightning Bolt Dodge mini game and I am not the only one, however this cuts the difficulty of the challenge in half as you can basically make the bolts happen when you choose by using this little trick.

Check out the video now, all credit and thanks to Kheapathic. You rock!

Remember, you have to dodge 200 without failing. That’s 200 in a row and you can not leave the screen using this method. Get all 200 and then leave and go open the chest.

Too many games to play, when will you catch up?