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How to Dodge Lightning Bolts in Final Fantasy X

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I have made a post here (I apologise, I’ve been playing far too much). Final Fantasy X is a game I loved when I was younger so I’ve done nothing but play this for the past month. I’m just doing some of the end game content now as I’ve never really done it before.

Anyways I just want to share this video from Kheapathic as I am having the most trouble with the Lightning Bolt Dodge mini game and I am not the only one, however this cuts the difficulty of the challenge in half as you can basically make the bolts happen when you choose by using this little trick.

Check out the video now, all credit and thanks to Kheapathic. You rock!

Remember, you have to dodge 200 without failing. That’s 200 in a row and you can not leave the screen using this method. Get all 200 and then leave and go open the chest.

RPG Maker VX Ace

Let the game development begin!

I’ve done it, I’ve gone ahead and bought the software I used to make a test village before when trying out the trial of RPG Maker VX Ace. I’m also in the middle of learning programming / scripting so in time I will be able to make my own games.

This software actually makes it possible to make games without programming / scripting knowledge but I’d still like to learn this and in time that will make my games better.

It will be a VERY VERY VERRRRRY long time before I even begin to start work on any games as I have a lot to learn not to mention once I have learnt everything I will then need to put everything in place i.e Story, Characters etc.



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Bravely Default: The RPG Fans have been waiting for!

It’s safe to say I am addicted to Bravely Default, more than I ever imagined possible. I was excited for this game ever since I heard it way back when it had the unusual title of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

Now that the game is out I have a few things to say. First off the game is amazing! more than I ever thought possible and I’ve only played the DEMO!

The game has just arrived but it’s a Christmas present so I will have to wait until next Wednesday to play the full game however I don’t mind waiting. In fact I wanted to complete the actual demo first.

Let me just say the demo is HUGE, it’s by far the biggest demo I have played but this is also because I wanted to do everything on it and finish it to get the bonuses for when you start the main game (if you do stuff in the demo you unlock sets in the proper game but I’ll keep it spoiler free and not tell you what they are).

I never really played it for that reason though, it’s just so fun I wanted to do everything. The job system is amazing and when you level up the Valkyrie and make every character in your party have the ability to JUMP this is nothing short of awesome!

In the battle you can speed up the gameplay so when you tell everyone to JUMP it looks great and it does insane damage. If you have played other games in the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest series then Jobs will be familiar to you.

I’ll not go into much more detail than this as this is just a quick summary of the demo, in time I will write a full review as this game needs one.

The world map reminds me of Ni Nu Kuni which is a great thing. I’ve managed to play the demo for 11 hours and 29 minutes!! God knows how long the main game will be if you complete everything!

Mastering the jobs in Bravely Default

I love the game so much I mastered the jobs even in the demo

I did do everything in the demo, including getting all jobs to the max level, getting all characters to level 20. The maximum that the demo will let you achieve.

It’s save to say I am addicted to this game and my 3DS right now.  Hardcore RPG fans should love this title and I definitely recommend you try the demo if you have a 3DS.

This is the Final Fantasy I have waited for, it’s almost Final Fantasy in everything but the name however I will need to play the full game to fully be able to decide this as in the demo you don’t really get any of the story.

I look forward to Christmas day, you all know what I will be playing and I urge you to join me! :)

Etrian Odyssey IV: Revenge of the Titan

Etrian Odyssey IV First Impressions

Just a short post to discuss a demo I recently played. I’ve never played this series before now and have recently seen screenshots from the newest entry.

I thought it might be too extreme for my liking however it’s right up my street and then some! One thing that put me off was the First Person Perspective when navigating dungeons. I HATE FIRST PERSON VIEW! but it’s not bothering me in this title. Perhaps this is just a belief I thought I had which I have now got over? – that or this game just does it well. I could always forgive this with it only been used in navigating the dungeons. It actually works really well and I don’t think the developers will have been able to get the effect they wanted without it.

Not only is it a turn-based RPG it offers so much more. It’s challenging and extremely fun to just go exploring. It has one of the most unique map systems I’ve ever seen in a game. You can actually draw the map yourself and leave notes on it.

I’ll definitely be buying this game soon and will let you know my final thoughts on it – though expect a review to be a long wait as I believe the game will soak up many hours.

What say you, do you enjoy this game too?


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