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Next Gen too early and a surprising purchase.

I’ve been saying this from the firs time I heard about the announcements of next gen. I think it’s too early, always have! However I am still behind and trying to catch up with games from many gens ago! So really this is a very subjective post.

There are now articles around the web saying this next gen feels rushed? I couldn’t agree more. The consoles are both having issues, there is hardly any games available for either. However this is always expected of launch consoles. Which is why I never buy at the start.

This is besides the point though, I honestly think we could of waited another year and then they could of launched the consoles with an amazing selection of games. A reason for everyone to want to buy the new consoles, not just hardcore fans.

Why not release a console selling game with the launch of the console, for instance any entry in the Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil series and much more. Any of these games would sell a system, with the huge fan base behind them.

I can tell you, I’d buy a Playstation 4 on launch day if it came with Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy XV. There is no doubt in my mind. I’d buy it and I’d pay any price for it! This would make the console worth it on launch day for me personally, otherwise it’s the waiting game until the games I want come out which benefits me in the long run as prices will drop and problems will be fixed.

As for now, what did I do on the American release date of the PS4…I went and bought a console which is not selling so well but has a promising line up over the next year. No it’s not the Playstation Vita (I bought that a week before haha). It’s the Wii U!

Wii U

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Why did I buy the Wii U? – Why not? It’s got a massive selection of games now, and more in the works. It’s been out longer so the games will start to really come now. It’s cheaper. Oh let me tell you about the price I paid. It cost me £5.34 for a Wii U haha. Ok so it never, but it felt like it did to me because I traded in something I don’t use anymore. My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and it got me a lot of trade in credit. I then used that together with a few reward points bringing the price of my Wii U with Mario and Luigi Bros down to £5.34.

As I bought this tablet over a year ago, that’s money spent and long gone meaning I had forgot about it. Making it feel like I got my Wii U for £5.34 (yes I think about things in a very weird way but hey it makes me happy thinking like this haha).

A little comment about my Wii U…I actually really like it. I am especially surprised with the joypad. You know the massive one that is like a tablet! It’s surprisingly VERY LIGHT and easy to hold. It’s more comfortable than a 3DS or Vita!

Not to mention I have some nostalgia about Mario and I really felt like playing it again. This new entry is an amazing one at that and I am also tempted by Super Mario 3D World (I’m not a fan of Mario…or Sonic for that matter since it went 3D) but these latest ones, including Sonic Lost World are actually not that bad and I’ve found myself interested in them.

Of course, another reason I bought the Wii U is for the eventual date of when X is released. I am obsessed with Xenoblade Chronicles and X looks to be very similar, this has to be the next game in that series, it looks way too similar but with the new graphics and features it’s even more jaw dropping. I can not wait for this. I bought my Wii for Xenoblade Chronicles and I’d happily pay for a Wii U just for X.

  • Stuart Page

    Pleasantly surprising purchase haha. I’m glad you’re enjoying your WiiU. *ill have to send you my online friend thingy at some point so we can be internet gamer buddies or something, eh?* The controller is a deceptive one, isn’t it? Very nice. I’m not great at Mario games, and they’re not generally my cup of tea, but the bros game is supposed to be really freakin’ great, and the new 3d one is supposed to be out of this world haha. Nice that they’ve interested you. :) I’m currently making my way through The Wind Waker HD, atm, and then I need to get back to Pikmin 3. Both brilliant titles! :)

    Anyways. I’ve not really thought much about this stuff, but…as with most consoles, I’m not sure that all of this is necessarily an issue with the hardware being released too early. Lot’s of factors to take into account. All I would say for sure is, considering the sales, and considering the interest that so many devs have in these new consoles, the release isn’t too early for a pretty significant amount of people. As for everybody else…it’ll just be gravy, when so many of those likely launch bugs will have been neatly ironed out in time for when they purchase it down the road. 😀

    [Also, SUPER EXCITED FOR X HAHA. Hoping it won’t be too similar to Xenoblade. Lot’s of faith in the developer – he has a pretty good track record.]

    • Kevin

      Yeh Mario is good but I can only play it for so long solo, it was always a game I played with the family. It’s great but not enough to keep me hooked alone for many hours and not a game I will likely keep.

      I’ll probably finish it then trade it in for that Zelda Windwaker HD as I really want that and want to get into Zelda games more as they seem epic.

      True, true, however the more I look at next gen the more I see it as not much happening. I know in times games will come. Maybe it’s the fact I have an awesome PC but next gen just doesn’t look that impressive to me lol. My PC will do it all and the steam box if marketed properly could wipe out next gen (I don’t think it will though but it has the potential).

      The problem with PC gaming, unless it’s a multiplatform game then it doesn’t get many exclusives – if any? I can’t think of any other than MMORPG’s. That’s why consoles are relevant to me, they get the games! If they didn’t then I’d probably only own a PC lol

      Why don’t you want X to be like Xenoblade? That intrigues me lol, what didn’t you like about Xenoblade? – It looks very similar in terms of play so I think you might be a bit let down there lol.

      • Stuart Page

        Zelda is indeed epic.

        And it’s not that I don’t want X to be like Xenoblade. I just don’t want it to be tooo similar. Part of what I loved about Xenoblade, apart from practically everything haha, was that it felt so fresh to play. I’m just hoping that X will give me that same feel is all I mean.

        • Kevin

          Ah yes, I am sure it will be epic and yeh that Mech part looks well crazy. Can’t wait to see how it all works. I’m so tempted to replay Xenoblade right now but too busy playing on my 3DS. I can’t stop playing the demo of Etrian Odyssey and Bravely Default. Such amazing games!

          • Stuart Page

            Bravely Default looks freakin’ awesome 😀

          • Kevin

            Have you got a 3DS? – get the demo!!
            My girlfriends just ordered me it for Christmas as all I have done for the past few days is play the demo lol. I waited years to see if this game finally came to the UK. Almost bought it on release day but decided to wait a bit.

            Honestly, it’s amazing, more Final Fantasy than anything of recent years and it doesn’t even have it in the title! Although it basically is Final Fantasy. I’m trying to complete the 4 heroes of Light before I really start this one.

            However it won’t really matter if I don’t as you can follow it without that I believe. I must of been playing the demo for around 8 hours now lol…still not finished with it either!